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Energy Pipeline Services offers oil & gas pipeline products & engineering services for downhole tools
Health, Safety and Environment
Energy Pipeline Services (EPS) demonstrated good corporate citizenship by focusing and maintaining outstanding Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance while delivering superior quality products and top-notch services to its oil and gas customers. The management of EPS is fully committed to take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its stakeholders within the facility.

EPS Workplace Safety and Health management system set out the standard procedures for the purpose of:
  • Placing the health and safety of all employees ahead of the Company's commercial interest.

  • Preventing the loss of life, injury to persons, damage or loss of Company and public property.

  • Identifying at-risk behaviour and condition, evaluate the risk level and implement measures to minimize the risk level to the lowest.

  • Ensuring compliance on occupational safety and health legislation and safety requirements.
EPS constantly promote its policy to all employees working in the facility and actively pursue continuous improvement to ensure a safer and healthier working environment.
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