Hot Work Fabrications
We ensure the highest standards of our piping solutions for our customers.
We are proud to provide our welding services to our oil and gas customers as we have a highly competent team of welders with at least 15 years of industrial experience in the welding industry. In addition, all our welders are qualified as per ASME-XI edition. We are capable of offering two types of welding services such as fillet welding and groove welding on materials of Inconel, stainless steel as well as low alloy steel.

Types of welding machines:
3 MIG (metal inert gas) Welding Machine
1 TIG (tungsten inert gas) Welding Machine
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post-weld heat treatment (PWHT)
EPS is furnished with a number of Stress Relief Machines to perform PWHT. PWHT refers to heat treatment after welding, which is often used to improve the properties of the weldment. In basic concept, PWHT can encompass many different potential treatments. However, in steel fabrication, the two most common procedures used are post heating and stress relieving.

The need for PWHT is driven by requirements of our customer’s specification, as well as the service environment. In general, when PWHT is required, the objective is to increase the resistance to brittle fractures and relaxing residual stresses. Other desired results from PWHT may include hardness reduction and material strength enhancements.

Presently, the company is equipped with four heat treatment machines. The machines provide accurate temperature control as well as having the ability to ensure stabilized dwelling/soaking time (Constant heating versus Timing).

Each machine is connected with four channels. Each individual channel is made up of an outer layer of ceramic fibre to prevent heat leakage and at the same time to allow better temperature control during the entire heating process. The inner area consisted of an inner heating pad that is covered by the outer layer ceramic fibre, the entire blanket function is to act as a wrapper, to wrap onto the desired weldment area to carry out stress relief work.

Our machines have the capabilities of generating the temperature up to the max of 1,200℃ and at the same time providing all relevant temperature graph records to ensure desired heating temperature is achieved.
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