About Us
Energy Pipeline Services offers oil & gas pipeline products & engineering services for downhole tools
Energy Pipeline Services Pte Ltd, in short ‘EPS’, was established and incorporated in year 2007 with the mission to provide top-notch services, superior quality products and comprehensive supply solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. In our debut, we began in the provision of exclusive support to our customers in the offering of pipe perforation, MIG/TIG welding and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) services for the manufacturing of sand-control screens and its related components and accessories.

Since then, the company had expanded into the supply of raw steel materials in the form of mechanical tubular & round bars, OCTG pipings and rough forgings in cut-length or full-length to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Oil & Gas field. To further add value to our customers and enlarge our screens and material distribution portfolios, we had diversified and transcended into a 1-stop shop wholesome turnkey service provider in supplying fully-completed down-hole tools, components and accessories, notably pup joints, flow coupling, crossovers, adapters etc in tight tolerances and finishing and threaded with API or premium connections. This is all made possible with our heavy investment in machining and threading machineries and equipment. By investing heavily on its machineries and facilities, EPS had further displayed its long term support to its customers.

The company is devoted to offer customized services and at the same time delivering quality products to support its customers’ dynamic demand. EPS has since earned its recognition and gained numerous accolades from our wide spectrum of services to the OEMs, as well as their end-users and turnkey vendors in the supplying of
  1. Raw steel material
  2. Fully-fabricated components and accessories
  3. Screens
  4. Engineering services in pipe perforation, welding,
    PWHT, band-saw cutting, machining, threading.
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